Home Sweet Home

At Home in NYC 

At Home in New Orleans

At Home in Brooklyn

Remember that Crocheted Oyster Bar I had a few months ago? Have you been wondering where those oysters ended up? Well, I have heard from a few customers! Half a dozen are now residing in Palm Springs! And I just received the snapshots above from NYC and New Orleans. Awww...Home at last!  

Listen to Louisiana Eats!

I had the privilege of appearing on the great show, Louisiana Eats! with the talented Poppy Tooker! Tune in for the new season episode - September 7, 2013. WWNO 89.9 FM & WRKF 89.3 FM. I'll be blabbing about my cookbooks, The Yummyfun Kooking Series and Hurray Today!


I am working for Breyers Ice Cream this summer! Yay! I have been in my laboratory kooking up all sorts of fun ice cream recipes using their YUMMY ice cream for all of y'all! I will be hosting a Yummyfun Workshop next week in Raleigh, NC. We will be making some of the recipes and there will also be an ice cream tasting! Come and say "HEY!" if you are in the area! Its HOT! Let's have ICE CREAM!

YummyFun Workshop
Marbles Kids Museum
201 E Hargett St
Raleigh, NC
Friday, July 26
2 - 3:30 pm

Digits to Digital!

Today I did a fun online chat with some great folks about the intersection of technology and the maker movement. We explored the relationship between today's DIY culture and the tech revolution.  The session was presented by the Future of StoryTelling, an annual event produced by Melcher Media dedicated to storytelling in the digital age.   Todd Oldham led the talk along with Charles Melcher. Other folks on the panel included Kiera Coffee, Michele Romero and Mimi Chun. Pretty fun chat!